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May 3, 2006

Tech Resumes – Part 2

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As I continue to rework my resume I am working on what I assume most techies have near the top…the notorious "technologies" section.  Is there any good way to present this without overloading information?  You don't want to talk about every tech you have ever done but don't want to shortchange your experience.  I use my tech section as a table of contents for what I am about to say in my "project experience" section which I will discuss more in Part 3.  My intent is to catch anyone's attention who would be scanning the resume and present key words quickly and a short blurb about how I have used these technologies.  I think that if you can keep someone's attention this far you will probably not end up in the trash and might even get someone to read your most recent project. I have taken a stab at it quite a few times and this is what I eventually decided on

Tech Section

…obviously you want it to be a quick read and sorted by most appropriate to the job you are applying for.  previously I had the level of experience (beginner, intermediate, advanced) but I found that most of the technologies that I was intermediate in I was currently studying hard to be advanced and most of the beginner ones I didn't care about so I just dropped the level all together and I expect to be able to accurately describe my level in an interview. 


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