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August 4, 2010

TFS Builds Report clicking link gives error InvalidBuildUriException TF215070

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In Team Foundation Server when running the Builds report you are presented with a list of Build instances that have run in the past and a few columns of useful data such as Quality, Tests Passed, % Code Coverage.  The build names themselves are intended to be clickable to show you the build details screen for that build but often times when clicking one of these links you will see the following message:

InvalidBuildUriExceptionTF215070: The build URI 5087 is not valid. Make sure that this build exists and has not been deleted.

This error is simply telling you that the Build result for this particular build no longer exists.  This is most likely due to your retention settings for the build.  I defaulted my builds to only keep the 2 latest builds thinking that would be a good way to save space, blah blah but in the end it means that all information about that build is removed INCLUDING the build details and label on your code!  I found more information on build retention and how to correct this in a blog post HERE

Now if I could only find out how to cleanup that Build Dropdown list on this report….

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