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June 8, 2008

SSIS Custom Source Component for EBCDIC

Well, it’s finally done!  Patrick and I finished version 1 of the EBCDIC Source Component which aids tremendously in the importing of EBCDIC (mainframe, IBM, old school stuff) data into SQL Server Integration Services.  We think this component will allow a number of shops to focus on getting the data right in their ETL solution within Integration Services rather than beating their head against an older data format that doesn’t always play well with others.

This component, named Lysine, works like most other Sources in SSIS so it should be easy to get started.  Currently, the component has the following features:

  • Several EBCDIC code pages supported
  • Intuitive Layout UI for rapid  development
  • Quick Preview to show you if your layout is correct
  • All major column types supported Redefines, Occurs, Occurs Depending, Packed (Comp-3), Zoned
  • Single Pass conversion for scalable performance
  • Export/Import of layout for team development

Please come check out the demo, browse the User Guide, try some Samples and let us know what you think!

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